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Directed Light Fabrication of Iron-Based Materials

  • D.J. Thoma (a1), C. Charbon (a1), G.K. Lewis (a1) and R.B. Nemec (a1)


Directed light fabrication (DLP) is a rapid fabrication process that fuses gas delivered metal powders within a focal zone of a laser beam to produce fully dense, near-net shape, 3-dimensional metal components from a computer generated solid model. This study used iron-based alloys to evaluate the microstructural development in the DLF process. Continuous microstructural features are evident, implying a continuous liquid/solid interface during processing. In addition, solidification cooling rates have been determined based upon secondary dendrite arm spacings in Fe-25wt.%Ni and 316 stainless steel. Cooling rates vary from 101-105 K s-1, and the solidification behavior has been simulated using macroscopic heat transfer analyses.



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Directed Light Fabrication of Iron-Based Materials

  • D.J. Thoma (a1), C. Charbon (a1), G.K. Lewis (a1) and R.B. Nemec (a1)


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