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Direct Study of the Thermal Conductivity in Aluminum Nanowires

  • Nenad Stojanovic (a1), D.H.S. Maithripala (a2), Jordan M. Berg (a3) and Mark Holtz (a4)


Thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity of 1 μm long aluminum nanowires, 75, 100, and 150nm in width and 100nm thick, were measured at room temperature. The method consists of microfabricated electrothermal test devices and a model-based data processing approach using finite-element analysis (FEA). The electrical and thermal properties of the nanowires differ significantly from bulk values while electrical resistivity agrees well with theoretical prediction. Electron transport equation models, which adequately describe the resistivity data, consistently underestimate the thermal conductivity. Incorporating a phonon contribution of ˜ 21 W/m·K to the total thermal conductivity is found to accurately describe the measured values.



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Direct Study of the Thermal Conductivity in Aluminum Nanowires

  • Nenad Stojanovic (a1), D.H.S. Maithripala (a2), Jordan M. Berg (a3) and Mark Holtz (a4)


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