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Direct Observation of Microstructure Change During Densification of Silicon Nitride Ceramics with A Novel Characterization Method

  • Y. Iwamoto (a1), H. Nomura (a1), I. Sugiura (a1), J. Tsubaki (a1), H. Takahashi (a2), K. Ishikawa (a2), N. Shinohara (a2), M. Okumiya (a2), Y. Yamada (a3), H. Kamiya (a4) and K. Uematsu (a5)...


A novel characterization method is applied to study the evolution of microstructures during densification of silicon nitride ceramics. This characterization method involves an immersion liquid for making green and sintered bodies transparent, and a subsequent direct optical microscopic examination. Granules were prepared with the spray drying processand formed into green bodies by CIP. After sintering at various temperatures, the specimens were examined for microstructural evolution. Large pores were located at the center and boundary regions of granules left in the green bodies; they were not removed by densification and resulted in large pores in the sintered body, possibly forming fracture origin in ceramics.



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