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Direct FIB fabrication and integration of “single nanopore devices” for the manipulation of macromolecules


Here we propose to detail an innovative FIB instrumental approach and processing methodologies we have developed for sub-10 nm nanopore fabrication. The main advantage of our method is first to allow direct fabrication of nanopores in relatively large quantities with an excellent reproducibility. Second our approach offers the possibility to further process or functionalize the vicinity of each pore on the same scale keeping the required deep sub-10 nm scale positioning and patterning accuracy. We will summarise the optimisation efforts we have conducted aiming at fabricating thin (10-100 nm thick) and high quality dielectric films to be used as a template for the nanopore fabrication, and at performing efficient and controlled FIB nanoengraving of such a delicate media. Finally, we will describe the method we have developed for integrating these “single nanopore devices” in electrophoresis experiments and our preliminary measurements.



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