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Direct Comparison between Modeling and Experiment: an α-Fe Ion Implantation Study

  • Jaime Marian (a1), Brian D. Wirth (a1), J. Manuel Perlado (a2), T. Diaz de la Rubia (a1), Robin Schäublin (a3), Dario Lodi (a1), Mercedes Hernández (a4), Gonzalo de Diego (a4), Dolores G. Briceño and Roger E. Stoller (a5)...


Advances in computational capability and modeling techniques, as well as improvements in experimental characterization methods offer the possibility of directly comparing modeling and experiment investigations of irradiation effects in metals. As part of a collaboration among the Instituto de Fusión Nuclear (DENIM), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and CIEMAT, single and polycrystalline α-Fe samples have been irradiated with 150 keV Fe- ions to doses up to several dpa. The irradiated microstructure is to be examined with both transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and positron annihilation spectroscopy (PAS). Concurrently, we have modeled the damage accumulation in Fe under these irradiation conditions using a combination of molecular dynamics (MD) and kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC). We aim to make direct comparison between the simulation results and the experiments by simulating TEM images and estimating positron lifetimes for the predicted microstructures. While the identity of the matrix defect features cannot be determined from TEM observations alone, we propose that both large self-interstitial loops, trapped at impurities within the material, and small, spherical nanovoids form.



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