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Direct Bandgap Quantum Wells on GaP

  • Jong-Won Lee (a1), Alfred T. Schremer (a1), Dan Fekete (a1), James R. Shealy (a1) and Joseph M. Ballantyne...


Currently, there are no direct-bandgap alloy semiconductors that can be grown lattice-matched to GaP substrates. A strained layer of GaInP can be grown on GaP, however, with difficulties. First, GaInP is an indirect-bandgap material for In concentrations up to ∼30%. Second, the band alignment between GaInP and GaP is type-II for In concentrations up to ∼60%. The Mathews-Blakeslee critical thickness of GaInP layer on GaP is prohibitively small in the useful In concentration range. GaInP is known to grow in an ordered phase in certain growth conditions. By changing the growth conditions, a heterojunction of ordered GaInP and disordered GaInP can be grown. The conduction band offset going from a disordered GaInP phase to an ordered GaInP phase has been reported to be about 150 meV. Using a layer of ordered GaInP, a QW with type-I band alignment may be grown on GaP for a wider range of composition.

We have grown a series of approximately 60 Å thick GaP/GaInP/GaP strained quantum wells of various compositions using OMVPE. Strong photoluminescence, which exhibited an unusual temperature dependence, has been observed on many samples. A study of the QW’s using X-ray diffraction, TEM, and variable temperature PL reveals behaviors consistent with direct bandgap GaInP quantum wells containing ordered and disordered domains.


Corresponding author

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On leave from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.



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