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Dipolar Measurements of Hydrogen in Amorphous Silicon

  • P. Hari (a1), P.C. Taylor (a1) and R.A. Street (a1)


The dipolar interaction of hydrogen (∼ 10 at. %) in boron-doped amorphous silicon has been studied using the Jeener-Broekaert pulse sequence. The sample was prepared on an Al foil substrate at a temperature of 230°C using a standard glow discharge system (operating at 1 W rf power). The diborane/silane ration was 10-4. The same sample was removed from the Al substrate using dilute hydrochloric acid. The Jeener-Broekaert pulse sequence consists of three pulses: π/2|x′ – τ1 – π/4|y′ – τ2 – π/4|y′ – echo. We measured T1D, the dipolar spin lattice relaxation time, for τ1 = 82 μs, τ1 = 100 μs and τ1 = 50 μs at 299°K. The value of τ1D was found to be independent of τ1. At 335°K we found τ1D to be much longer than at room temperature. The values of τ1D at 299 K, 314 K and 335 K are, respectively, 0.7 ms, 1.2 ms and 1.8 ms. From the data we estimate an activation energy for microscopic motion to be ∼ 0.2 eV.



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