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Diffusion Measurements of Radionuclides In site Specific Sediment/Groundwater-Systems

  • Hans Meier (a1), E. Zimmerhackl (a1), G. Zeitler (a1) and P. Menge (a1)


Results of systematic measurements on the diffusion of radionuclides through sandy, marlaceous and clayley sediment rocks from strata overlying the Gorleben salt dome are presented. The tracer nuclides used were U-233, Ra-226, Pb-210, and Ni-63. It is shown that, among other parameters, diffusion coefficients and distribution coefficients could be derived from breakthrough curves. Moreover, it is demonstrated that the diffusion behaviour of nuclides such as Pb and Ni can be enhanced enormously in sediment rocks by complex forming agents (EDTA).



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