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Diffusion and Adhesion of Cu/Parylene

  • G. Yang (a1), S. Dabral (a1), L. You (a1), H. Bakhrut (a2), J. F. McDonald (a1) and T.-M. Lu (a1)...


The combination of Cu and parylene (poly-p-xylylene) for metallization and insulator in integrated circuit or packaging multilayer interconnection systems gives one of the lowest resistance and capacitance values per unit length. In this paper we present a detailed study of the diffusion characteristics of Cu in parylene-n (PA-n) substrates. PA-n was vapor-deposited and Cu metallization performed at room temperature using the Partially Ionized Beam (PIB) technique. Rutherford Backscattering (RBS) technique has been used to study the diffusion of Cu in PA-n substrate after annealing the samples to elevated temperatures in vacuum. We found no sign of Cu diffusion after the Cu/PA-n sample was annealed at 300°C for 6 hours. Diffusion occurs at 350 °C. However, preannealed PA-n substrate prior to Cu deposition can prevent the diffusion even at a temperatures above 350°C. Also we found that amorphous carbon and chromium are good diffusion barriers of Cu on PA-n. The dry adhesion between PA-n deposited on Al, Cu and Ag was found to be good. The adhesion of these PIB deposited metals on PA-n in high vacuum was also very good.



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