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Diffuse X-Ray Scattering Study of Defects Created by keV Ion Implants in Si

  • P. J. Partyka (a1), R. S. Averback (a1), K. Nordlund (a1), I. K. Robinson (a1), D. Walko (a1), P. Ehrhart (a2), T. Diaz de la Rubia (a3) and M. Tang (a3)...


Diffuse x-ray scattering (DXS) and computer simulation techniques were employed to investigate the defect structure produced in Si by low keV ion and MeV electron irradiations. DXS measurements were performed for keV Ga and He implants, demonstrating the ability of the technique to provide both bulk and near-surface measurements at defect concentrations of about 1000 ppm. A rigorous analysis of these results is complicated due to the complex nature of the ion damage in Si. A computer simulation framework is developed to aid in the analysis of this data. In this technique, defects are simulated and their strain fields are calculated by simply relaxing the atoms around the defect to their equilibrium positions. The diffuse scattering is then calculated from the strain field, and the results are compared to the experimental measurements. Computer simulations are presented here only for the case of electron irradiation damage and compared to published measurements.1 Application of the technique to more complicated structures is planned and should pose no serious problems in the computational framework already developed.



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