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Dielectric Properties of Sputtered BST on Ir Electrodes

  • B. E. White (a1), Peir Y. Chu (a1), Sufi Zafar (a1), V. Balu (a1), D. Gentile (a1), Robert E. Jones (a1), Bo Jiang (a1), Bradley Melnick (a1), Deborah Taylor (a1), Peter Zürcher (a1) and Sherry Gillespie (a1)...


The dielectric constant and dispersion of sputtered barium strontium titanate (BST) thin films deposited on Ir electrodes have been measured as a function of frequency and dielectric film thickness. Based on the measured variation in capacitance density with BST film thickness, an interfacial capacitance and thin film capacitance have been extracted. The variation of the interfacial capacitance density and the thin film capacitance density with frequency indicates that the majority of dispersion measured for BST deposited on Ir electrodes is due to the interfacial capacitance, in contrast to results found for Pt electrodes [1]. The temperature dependence of the interfacial capacitance and thin film capacitance has also been measured for these electrodes.



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