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Dielectric Properties of PCB Embedded Bismuth-Zinc-Niobium Films Prepared using RF Magnetron Sputtering

  • Seungeun Lee (a1), Jung Won Lee (a2), Inhyung Lee (a3) and Yul Kyo Chung (a4)


Dielectric properties of bismuth-zinc-niobium oxide (Bi1.5Zn1.0Nb1.5O7, BZN) thin films have been investigated for embedded capacitor. Crystalline BZN has a pyrochlore structure in nature and shows a dielectric constant of ∼ 200 and very low leakage current when crystallized. Since the process temperature is limited to < 200 due to an organic based substrate in printed circuit board, as-deposited BZN film is composed of an amorphous phase, confirmed by XRD analysis. However, it shows remarkably high dielectric constant of 113. It makes BZN to be a proper candidate as a decoupling embedded capacitor in power delivery circuits. Effects of post treatment such as oxygen plasma treatment and low temperature thermal annealing on dielectric properties of BZN thin films are studied. By optimizing deposition conditions, amorphous BZN thin film is well processed in the current PCB process and provides a capacitance density as high as 218 nF/cm2 and leakage current less than 1 μA/cm2 at 3V.



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