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Development of transparent conductive oxide materials for improved back reflector performance for amorphous silicon based solar cells

  • Scott J. Jones (a1), David Tsu (a1), Tongyu Liu (a1), Jeff Steele (a1), Rey Capangpangan (a1) and Masat Izu (a1)...


A new back reflector comprised of an Al/(multi-layered stack)/ZnO structure is being developed to replace Al/ZnO used in manufacturing and boost conversion efficiencies with improved back reflector performance. Use of the multi-layered stack should lead to improved reflectivity which will in turn improve solar cell currents and efficiencies. The results from studies of different transparent conductive oxides (TCOs) which comprise the multi-layered stack are reported with emphasis on ZnO alloys. Alloying with Si or MgF2 and using moderately high substrate temperatures, TCOs with low indices of refraction between 1.6 and 1.7 have been fabricated. The Si, Mg and F contents for these alloys were near 14, 12 and 33 at.%. Structural analysis demonstrates that alloys with MgF2 have smother surfaces and finer morphologies than those for ZnO. The expected high values for multi-layered structures with these alloys have yet to be achieved but this is likely due to properties of layers in the structure other than the ZnO alloys which have yet to be fully optimized.



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