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Development of sprayed CuInS2 thin film absorber for nanostructured solar cell

  • Atanas Katerski (a1), Erki Kärber (a1), Malle Krunks (a1), Valdek Mikli (a1) and Arvo Mere (a1)...


CuInS2 (CIS) films were prepared by chemical spray pyrolysis (CSP) method in air using CuCl2, InCl3 and SC(NH2)2 as precursor materials. The effect of the absorber growth temperature in the interval of 240-350 °C and precursors’ molar ratio in the spray solution on the CIS film properties and ZnO/In2S3/CIS-type CSP-deposited thin film solar cell output characteristics has been studied. CIS films were characterized by XRD and EDX, solar cells were characterized by IV curves in dark and under illumination, and junction barrier height (Φb). The highest Φb of 1170 meV and open circuit voltage (Voc) of 560 mV were recorded for the cell with CIS absorber grown at 250 °C. Increasing the CIS deposition temperature decreases Φb and Voc, makes a component of solar cell photosensitive and increases current density. The precursors’ molar ratio in spray solution becomes relevant at CIS growth temperatures higher than 300 °C as deposition of thiourea-rich solutions suppresses oxide formation in CIS layer and contributes to higher open circuit voltage.



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