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Development of New Polymer Systems and Quantum Dots - Polymer Nanocomposites for Low-cost, Flexible OLED Display Applications

  • Lihua Zhao (a1), Zhang-Lin Zhou (a1), Zengshan Guo (a2), Jian Pei (a2) and Samuel Mao (a3)...


Recently, tremendous progress has been made toward application of organic (small molecule/polymer) light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) in full color flat panel displays and other devices. However, with current technologies, OLEDs are still struggling with high manufacturing costs which really limit the size of OLEDs panels and with life time, especially differential aging of colors. To be more cost-effective for fabricating OLEDs, we believe solution-processing would be an attractive path due to its simplicity and highly reduced equipment costs. This proceeding paper discusses our recent progress in development of new polymer systems that are highly solvent-resistant but maintaining their photophysical properties and hybrid quantum-dots (QDs)-polymer nanocomposites for their use in multicolor and multilayer OLEDs pixels through solution-processing. Our new polymer systems are named conductive semi-interpenetrating polymer networks (C-Semi-IPNs) served in different layers of OLEDs devices, containing an inert polymer network and conducting polymer(s) including hole transport and emissive materials. Since these do not require complicated chemical modification or introduction of reactive moieties to OLED materials, many state-of-the-arts emissive polymers can be utilized to achieve RGB and white OLEDs. The research findings on hybrid QDoligomer nanocomposite as a good analogue lead to the successful design and synthesis of QDpolymer nanocomposites which were used to build proof-of-the-concept devices showing a good promise in providing excellent color purity and stability as well as device robustness.


Corresponding author


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Development of New Polymer Systems and Quantum Dots - Polymer Nanocomposites for Low-cost, Flexible OLED Display Applications

  • Lihua Zhao (a1), Zhang-Lin Zhou (a1), Zengshan Guo (a2), Jian Pei (a2) and Samuel Mao (a3)...


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