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Development of Nanocrystalline Silicon Based Multi-junction Solar Cell Technology for High Volume Manufacturing

  • Xixiang Xu (a1), Jinyan Zhang (a1), Anhong Hu (a1), Cao Yu (a2), Minghao Qu (a1) (a3), Changtao Peng (a1), Xiaoning Ru (a1), Jianqiang Wang (a2), Furong Lin (a2), Hongqing Shan (a1), Yuanmin Li (a1) and Hui Yan (a3)...


We conduct a comparative study mainly on two types of nc-Si based solar cell structures, a-Si/a-SiGe/nc-Si triple-junction and a-Si/nc-Si double-junction. We have attained comparable initial efficiency for the both solar cell structures, 10.8∼11.8% initial total area efficiency (85 - 95W over an area of 0.79 m2). For better compatibility to our installed manufacturing equipment, we deposit a-Si and a-SiGe component cells with the existing deposition machines. Only nc-Si bottom component cells are prepared in separate deposition machines tailored for nc-Si process. Material properties of nc-Si and TCO films are also studied by Raman spectra, SEM, and AFM.



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