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Development of high k/III-V (InGaAs, InAs, InSb) structures for future low power, high speed device applications

  • Edward Yi Chang (a1) (a2), Hai-Dang Trinh (a1), Yueh-Chin Lin (a1), Hiroshi Iwai (a3) and Yen-Ku Lin (a1)...


III-V compounds such as InGaAs, InAs, InSb have great potential for future low power high speed devices (such as MOSFETs, QWFETs, TFETs and NWFETs) application due to their high carrier mobility and drift velocity. The development of good quality high k gate oxide as well as high k/III-V interfaces is prerequisite to realize high performance working devices. Besides, the downscaling of the gate oxide into sub-nanometer while maintaining appropriate low gate leakage current is also needed. The lack of high quality III-V native oxides has obstructed the development of implementing III-V based devices on Si template. In this presentation, we will discuss our efforts to improve high k/III-V interfaces as well as high k oxide quality by using chemical cleaning methods including chemical solutions, precursors and high temperature gas treatments. The electrical properties of high k/InSb, InGaAs, InSb structures and their dependence on the thermal processes are also discussed. Finally, we will present the downscaling of the gate oxide into sub-nanometer scale while maintaining low leakage current and a good high k/III-V interface quality.


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