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The Development of Anodic Aluminum Oxide Based Micro-channel Plate for Large-area Photo-detector

  • Seon Woo Lee (a1), Qing Peng (a2), Anil U. Mane (a2), Jeffrey W. Elam (a2), Karen Byrum (a1), Henry Frisch (a1) (a3) and Hau Wang (a4)...


Anodized Aluminum Oxide (AAO) based micro-channel plates (MCP) are fabricated in order to develop economical large-area photodetectors. Commercially available glass capillary array has a limitation to reach channel diameter below ~10 microns. However, smaller channel diameter is desired for better spatial and fast timing resolution. AAO based MCP is a good candidate to produce channel diameter less than 10 um by taking advantage of the nano-scale intrinsic pores during etching process. In this study, various channel diameters are fabricated with use of lithographic patterning techniques and wet etching; and characterized with optical, atomic force, and scanning electron microscopies. The channel diameter, channel length and related aspect ratio, as well as the open area are varied in order to maximize the MCP photon amplification.



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