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Development and Commercialization of Nanomaterials by the NanoSpraySM Combustion Processing Technology

  • Yongdong Jiang (a1), Marvis White (a1), Ganesh Venugopal (a1) and Andrew T. Hunt (a1)


nGimat has commercialized a number of nanotech applications based on its core competence of creating low cost high quality nanomaterials. It offers a wide range of nanomaterials as coatings and nanopowders including dispersion form. While being successful in obtaining government R&D funding, nGimat has more than half of revenues from its private industry customers and is profitable. As an example, based on the DOE and DOD SBIR funding, nGimat has successfully developed high performance superhydrophobic coatings on various substrates. The superhydrophobic coatings show high transparency and high durability in addition to high contact angle and low rolling angle. Due to the excellent performance, nGimat signed a license agreement with a major automobile manufacturer to commercialize the superhydrophobic coatings for automobile applications. A few of other applications are also covered, including various nanopowders (including Li-battery based) and nGisulateTM high temperature thin wire coatings.

The CCVD (coating NanoSpraySM Combustion process) can be easily scaled up to large substrates and integrated into an existing production line, thus enabling a license business model. The CCVC (nanopowder NanoSpraySM Combustion process) is above 50kg/day capability and will soon yield 100kg/day production rates. Even higher production rates are readily achievable as demand is required. A manufacturing business model is being used for these nanopowder based products and should be internationally competitive even when made in the USA as the market matures


Corresponding author


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