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Determination of The State of Deformation in Epitaxial Layers Using High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction

  • P.J. Dugdale (a1), R.C. Pond (a1) and S.J. Barnett (a2)


The state of deformation in epitaxial layers of InGaAs grown by MBE on GaAs substrates has been determined using high resolution X-ray diffraction. This method enables the strains and rigid body rotations which occur in the layers to be measured and these are described by means of a tensor. Layers of different thicknesses have been grown on substrates whose dislocation densities differ by three orders of magnitude in order to assess the influence of this parameter on layer relaxation through the motion of misfit dislocations to the interface. Transmission electron microscopy has also been used to provide additional information on the relaxations.



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