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Determination of the Optical & Materials Properties of βFeSi2 Layers Fabricated Using Ion Beam Synthesis

  • T. D. Hunt (a1), K. J. Reeson (a1), R. M. Gwilliam (a1), K. P. Homewood (a1), R. J. Wilson (a1), R. S. Spraggs (a1), B. J. Sealy (a1), C. D. Meekison (a1), G. R. Booker (a1) and P. Oberschachtsiek (a1)...


IBS of buried α and β iron suicide layers was achieved by the implantation of 2 MeV 56Fe+ ions into (100) single crystal silicon substrates over a dose range of 3 × 1017 to 1 × 1018 cm“-2followed by a high temperature anneal. No photoluminescence was observed from the as-implanted samples which contained a discontinuous layer of βFeSi2 precipitates approximately 1.5 μm below the silicon surface. Upon annealing at 700°C, a 200 nm polycrystalline βFeSi2 layer was formed which gave a PL signal centred at 1.55 μm. After a 900°C anneal, the layer transformed to αFeSix with a resistivity of approximately 280μΩcm.



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