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Detection of Hydrogen in Bulk and Thin Film Silicon Dioxide by Hydrogen Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

  • D. H. Levy (a1) and K. K. Gleason (a1)


Hydrogen is a common impurity in silicon dioxide (SiO2) which can influence its optical and electronic properites. Here, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is applied to study of hydrogen in these materials, despite their relatively low hydrogen content. We present results for bulk fused silica as well as thermally grown films of SiO2 on silicon. These experiments demonstrate the potential of solid state NMR for studying low hydrogen content film systems. In bulk fused silica, we have observed that although the majority of hydrogen is isolated, a small number of centers exist involving adjacent silanol pairs. These pairs react during high temperature annealing as well as during deep ultraviolet irradiation. Furthermore, the presence of these centers is related to the susceptibility of fused silica to radiation damage. The results obtained on the fused silica material are compared to SiO2 films on silicon. The NMR spectra and relaxation associated with thick (>1μm) wet SiO2 films are similar to those for the fused silica while the NMR data for thinner oxide more closely resembles those of surface water on silica gel.



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Detection of Hydrogen in Bulk and Thin Film Silicon Dioxide by Hydrogen Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

  • D. H. Levy (a1) and K. K. Gleason (a1)


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