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Details of the Defect Profile in Self-ion Implanted Silicon

  • P.X. Zhang (a1), R.D. Goldberg (a1), I.V. Mitchell (a1), P.J. Schultz (a1) and D.J. Lockwood (a2)...


Raman spectra excited at two laser wavelengths are used to study the damage in self-implanted silicon. It was found that the contributions from the damaged surface crystalline and a-Si layers can be distinguished and separated, based on the different light absorption coefficients. A defect-activated low frequency band in the damaged surface crystalline Si layer was revealed. In totally amorphized samples the Raman spectra excited by 457.9 and 647.1 nm show different scattering intensity ratios for the optical- and acoustic-like-phonons. This novel result seems to indicate a depth dependent variation of the disordering in the amorphous layer.



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Details of the Defect Profile in Self-ion Implanted Silicon

  • P.X. Zhang (a1), R.D. Goldberg (a1), I.V. Mitchell (a1), P.J. Schultz (a1) and D.J. Lockwood (a2)...


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