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Depth Profiling of Oxygen Vacancy Defect Generation in Buried SiO2

  • A. Stesmans (a1) and K. Vanheusden (a1)


Oxygen-vacancy defects (E') generated at the surface of buried SiO2 layers formed by O+ implantation during the separation by implantation of oxygen (SIMOX) process have been studied by electron spin resonance (ESR) at 4.2 K. The E' damage was generated during exposure to a dc Ar glow discharge that produces defects predominantly in a surface layer of ≈100 Å thick, reaching local volume densities at the surface up to 8 × 1019 cm−3. This glow discharge exposure, alternated with step-by-step etch back, allowed mapping of a defect generation sensitivity depth profile of the buried oxide (BOX) layer, revealing a fairly uniform sensitivity with a strong decline towards the BOX/substrate interface. Besides the usual E' γ signal, the E'δj center — a delocalized variant of the E' center — has been newly observed in the BOX. Reoxidation of the BOX was observed to reduce the E' sensitivity close to that of regular dry thermal oxide (≥ 29 times lower), while the E'γ signal could no longer be generated, again similar to conventional thermal oxide. These data suggest a revision of the model for the E' defect. In general, the results strongly suggest that the buried oxide contains excess Si, exceedingly so near the BOX/substrate interface.



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