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Deposition of Gan Films Using Seeded Supersonic Jets

  • H. Henry Lamb (a1), Ken K. Lai (a1), Victor Torres (a2) and Robert F. Davis (a2)


GaN films were deposited on sapphire (0001) from triethylgallium (TEG) and NH3 seeded in separate He free jets. as the dissociative chemisorption of NH3 is expected to be rate-limiting in GaN growth, the NH3/He nozzle temperature was varied to control the incident kinetic energy of the NH3 molecules. Using an NH3/TEG flow ratio of 205 and an NH3/He nozzle temperature of 400°C, stoichiometric films were deposited at substrate temperatures ≥530°C. Scanning electron microscopy revealed that films deposited at 580°C are polycrystalline α-GaN with randomly oriented 0.5-μm grains. Films with a closely similar morphology are deposited by using an NH3/He nozzle temperature of 90°C. IN contrast, films deposited at 580°C using an NH3/He nozzle temperature of 510°C consist of whiskers (aspect ratio = c A. 4) which exhibit a-GaN (0001)/sapphire (0001) heteroepitaxy, as evidenced by X-ray diffraction and reflection high-energy electron diffraction.



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Deposition of Gan Films Using Seeded Supersonic Jets

  • H. Henry Lamb (a1), Ken K. Lai (a1), Victor Torres (a2) and Robert F. Davis (a2)


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