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Deposition of Diamond-Like Carbon Films by Excimer Lasers Using Frozen Source Gases

  • Mitsugu Hanabusa (a1), Kiyohito Tsujihara (a1), Liu Zhengxin (a1), Seiji Ishihara (a1) and Hironaga Uchida (a1)...


We deposited diamond-like carbon (DLC) films, using frozen acetylene and acetone as the target of laser ablation. The frozen gases were dissociated by an ArF laser and a KrF laser. The DLC films were deposited on quartz substrates below 300°C. We measured the Raman spectra to identify the deposited films as DLC. The films showed the broad Raman peak at 1540 cm-1. The number of particles mixed into the deposits was controlled by laser power densities. By using the ArF laser for frozen acetylene we could reduce the hydrogen concentration in the films, which showed a high degree of dissociation of the source gas. The oxygen content was kept at the same level in the films deposited from frozen acetone as from frozen acetylene. The present results suggested the importance of energetic and charged species ejected from the frozen gas target.



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