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Deposition Of Aluminium Nitride Film By Ion Beam Enhanced Reactive Magnetron Sputtering

  • R. F. Huang (a1), L. S. Wen (a1), H. Wang (a1), J. Wu (a1) and R. J. Hong (a1)...


Aluminium nitride film has been synthesized at substrate temperatures lower than 100 °C by using ion beam enhanced reactive magnetron sputtering. The growth rate was much higher than that obtained by usual physical vapor deposition at low substrate temperatures. The stoichiometry of the film was controlled by varying the resultant current of the ion beam used and identified by X-ray diffraction analysis. The optical properties of the film were also studied.



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Deposition Of Aluminium Nitride Film By Ion Beam Enhanced Reactive Magnetron Sputtering

  • R. F. Huang (a1), L. S. Wen (a1), H. Wang (a1), J. Wu (a1) and R. J. Hong (a1)...


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