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Deposition And Characterization of CNx Films

  • X. T. Cui (a1), Z. H. Zhang (a1), Q. Y. Chen (a1), F. Romero-Borja (a1), J. R. Liu (a1), Z. S. Zheng (a1), D. W. Pan (a1), L. T. Wood (a1) and W. K. Chu (a1)...


CNx films with x around 1.0 have been made by inverted cylindrical DC magnetron sputtering. RBS, XPS, IR spectroscopy, ERD and SEM were used to characterize the composition and bonding properties of the films, while X-ray diffraction was used for crystal structure determination. XPS data indicated the existence of the tetrahedral C3N4 phase in the CNx films, which was consistent with the C-N single bond suggested by IR spectra. The annealing effect on CNx films will also be discussed.



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