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Density Reduction: A Mechanism for Amorphization at High Ion Doses

  • E.D. Specht (a1), D.A. Walko (a2) and S.J. Zinkle (a1)


At cryogenic temperatures, the accumulation of vacancy-interstitial pairs in Al2O3 from atomic displacements associated with ion implantation produces amorphization. At room temperature, these pairs recombine, and amorphization occurs only at high doses. X-ray reflectivity measurements show that amorphization of the surface of Al2O3 implanted at room temperature with 160 keV Cr+ ions is preceded by a progressive reduction in near-surface density. Monte Carlo simulations show that this density reduction can be accounted for by high-energy-transfer collisions which knock atoms deep into the target, leaving widely separated vacancies and interstitials, which do not recombine. Electron microscopy shows that at least some of these vacancies condense into voids. We propose that this reduction in near-surface density can lead to amorphization at high doses. We present simple approximations for the density reduction expected for different ions and targets.



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Density Reduction: A Mechanism for Amorphization at High Ion Doses

  • E.D. Specht (a1), D.A. Walko (a2) and S.J. Zinkle (a1)


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