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Dendrite Tip-Shape Characteristics

  • J.C. LaCombe (a1), M.B. Koss (a1), L.T. Bushnell (a1), K.D. de Jager (a1) and M.E. Glicksman (a1)...


The assumption that dendrite tips are parabolic bodies of revolution pervades many of the theories and experiments addressing dendritic growth. This assumption, while reasonable, is known to become less valid as regions of interest further from the tip of the dendrite are considered. Experimental measurements were made on pure succinonitrile dendrites at several super coolings. The equation that describes the dendrite tip profile is extended from a second order polynomial (paraboloidal) form to one that includes higher-order terms. The deviation of a dendrite tip from a parabolic body of revolution can be characterized by a parameter obtained from the coefficient of the fourth-order term describing the profile. This dimensionless parameter, Q, is found to be a function of the profile orientation only, independent of supercooling.



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