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Dendrimer-Metal Nanocomposites

  • L. Balogh (a1), K. S. Laverdure (a2), S. P. Gido (a2), A. G. Mott (a3), M. J. Miller (a3), B. P. Ketchel (a3) and D. A. Tomalia (a1) (a4)...


Dendrimer metal nanocomposites are novel hybride materials that display unique physical and chemical properties as a consequence of the atomic/molecular level dispersion of inorganic and organic molecules. In their synthesis, dendrimers are used as templates to pre-organize metal ions followed by an in-situ reduction, which will immobilize and stabilize atomic domains of the reaction product(s). Size, shape, size distribution and surface functionality of these nanocomposites are determined and controlled by the dendritic macromolecules and may also be influenced by the encapsulated compounds. Solubility of these molecular nanocomposites is controlled by the polymer. Thus, it is possible to solubilize conventionally insoluble inorganic compounds in water or other solvents using dendritic hosts. Conceptually, these materials have enormous potential for applications such as catalysts or molecular devices.

In this work, surface-modified poly(amido-amine) dendrimers were used to prepare {Cu(0)-PAMAM}, {Ag(0)-PAMAM} and {Au(0)-PAMAM} dendrimer-metal nanocomposites containing stable and solvent soluble zero valence metals. Characterization of the resulting nanocomposites has been carried out by TEM, UV-visible spectroscopy, and scattering techniques. Depending on the chemistry of ion preorganization in the dendrimer, internal (“I”), external (“E”) and mixed (“M”) type nanocomposite structures could be identified according to the varying location of the actual metal content.

The effect of structural differences was found to be reflected in the optical properties of the nanocomposites.



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Dendrimer-Metal Nanocomposites

  • L. Balogh (a1), K. S. Laverdure (a2), S. P. Gido (a2), A. G. Mott (a3), M. J. Miller (a3), B. P. Ketchel (a3) and D. A. Tomalia (a1) (a4)...


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