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Degree of Asymmetry of CdSe Quantum Dots Grown in Glass Probed by Four Wave Mixing

  • A. I. Filin (a1), K. Babocsi (a2), M. Schmitt (a2), P. D. Persans (a1), W. Kiefer (a2) and V. D. Kulakovskii (a3)...


Information about quantum dot (QD) asymmetry is derived by analyzing the polarization properties of the time-integrated four wave mixing (FWM) signal. The lowering of QD symmetry results in the splitting of bright J= +/-1 exciton states. This causes the polarization oscillation of circularly excited excitons between these two split states. In a QD ensemble with a random distribution in the exciton level splitting, this results in the decay of the difference in FWM signals observed in scattering of σ+ and σ+ polarized light on the population grating created by two σ+ pulses, the decay time reflecting the degree of QD asymmetry. We have investigated the decay time of the difference in two polarized signals for quantum dots of equal size, grown in a glass matrix under different conditions. Increasing growth temperature and decreasing growth time lead to lowering of QD symmetry. We discuss this experimental result in terms of kinetics of nanoparticle growth in glass.



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