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Degradation and Recovery of Boron Doped Strained Silicon Germanium Layers After 1-MeV Electron Irradiation

  • H. Ohyama (a1), J. Vanhellemont (a1), M.-A. Trauwaert (a1), J. Poortmans (a1), M. Caymax (a1) and P. Clauws (a2)...


1007×100 μm2 n+− Si/p-Si1−x Gex diodes fabricated on conventional p-type Si substrates are irradiated at room temperature with 1-MeV electrons with fluences from 1.0×1014 to 1.0×1015 e/cm2 in a high voltage transmission electron microscope. The boron concentration and germanium fraction of the Si1−x Gex epitaxial layer used for the diodes in this study are 5×1017 cm−3 and x = 0.12, respectively. The degradation of diodes is investigated by means of current/voltage and capacitance/voltage measurements. The characteristics of the electrically active defects induced in the Si1−x Gex epitaxial layer by irradiation are also examined by using deep level transient spectroscopy and capacitance/temperature measurements. The degradation of the diode performance and the presence of deep levels are investigated as a function of electron fluence. In order to examine the recovery process, an isochronal thermal anneal is performed in the temperature range between 100 and 400°C.



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