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Deformation of Diffusion-Bonded Bi-Pst and Directionally Solidified Crystals of TiAl

  • K. Kishida (a1), D. R. Johnson (a1), Y. Shimada (a1), Y. Masuda (a1), H. Inui (a1) and M. Yamaguchi (a1)...


With a data base now available on the microstructural characteristics and the deformation, fracture and macroscopic flow behavior of polysynthetically twinned (PST) crystals of γ/α2 TiAl-base alloys, an approach to achieve a good combination of strength, ductility and toughness in γ/α2 TiAl-base alloys was proposed using directional solidification (DS) techniques to produce a columnar grain material with the lamellar orientation aligned parallel to the growth direction. Such alignment of the lamellar microstructure was recently accomplished in γ/α2 TiAl-base alloys of near equiatomic compositions using an appropriately oriented seed crystal from the Ti-Al-Si system.

At the same time, bi-PST crystals, each containing a planar boundary parallel to the loading axis were prepared by directional solidification and diffusion bonding of two PST crystals. Such bi-PST crystals were deformed in tension at room temperature and their deformation behavior was examined in terms of the compatibility requirements imposed at the grain boundary and the interaction of the two component PST crystals.

In this paper, (i) the current status of our DS processing efforts, (ii) some results of microscopic characterization of grain boundaries in diffusion bonded bi-PST crystals and (iii) results of deformation experiments of bi-PST crystals prepared by DS processing and diffusion bonding, will be reported.



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