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Defect-Solute Interactions Near Irradiated Grain Boundaries

  • E. P. Simonen (a1), J. S. Vetrano (a1), H. L. Heinisch (a1) and S. M. Bruemmer (a1)


Defect-solute interactions control radiation-induced segregation (RIS) to interfacial sinks, such as grain boundaries, in metallic materials. The best studied system in this regard has been austenitic stainless steels. Measurements of grain boundary composition indicate that RIS of major alloying elements is in reasonable agreement with inverse-Kirkendall predictions. The steep and narrow composition profiles are shown to result from limited back diffusion near the boundary. Subsequently, defect-solute interactions that affect the near-boundary defect concentrations strongly affect RIS. The variability in measured RIS may in part be caused by grain boundary characteristics.



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