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Defects Related to Mixing Behavior of Highly Silicon-Doped GaAs/AlAs Superlatitices

  • N. D. Theodore (a1), C. B. Carter (a1), P. Mei (a2), S. A. Schwarz (a3), J. P. Harbison (a3) and T. Venkatesan (a3)...


The mixing of highly silicon-doped GaAs/AlAs superlattices as a result of annealing has been investigated by transmission electron microscopy and secondary ion mass spectrometry. As silicon doping-levels were raised in this study to 1019 cm−3 and 1020 cm−3 defects such as prismatic dislocation loops and Si-rich precipitates were observed to occur in the superlattices upon annealing. A correlation has been observed between the presence of particular defects and the inhibition of dopant-enhanced superlattice mixing.



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