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Defects Annealing of Si+ Implanted GaAs at RT and 100°C

  • G. Bai (a1), D. N. Jamieson (a1), M-A. Nicolet (a1) and T. Vreeland (a1)


Annealing behavior of point defects near room temperature is studied by measuring the strain relaxation of Si+ implanted GaAs. Polished semi-insulating GaAs wafers were implanted with 300keV Si+ at liquid nitrogen ( LN2 ) and room temperature (RT ). The strain profile was obtained by the X-ray Double Crystal Diffraction ( DCD) technique and kinematical fitting. The maximum strain of the samples stored at RT and elevated temperature 100°C in air, decreases with time, which indicates the reduction of point defects. Relaxation is exponential in time. At least two time constants of 0.24hrs and 24hrs are needed to fit the data, suggesting that two different processes are responsible for annealing defects. Time constants are obtained for different doses at RT and LN2 implantation temperature, and found to be insensitive to both these quantities. The activation energy for defect migration is estimated using simple diffusion model.



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