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Defects and Diffusion in Si+ Implanted GaAs

  • K.S. Jones (a1), H.G. Robinson (a1), T.E. Haynes (a2), M.D. Deal (a3), C.C. Lee (a3) and E.L. Allen (a4)...


The effect of extended defects on the diffusion of ion implanted species is an area of concern in the development of process simulators for GaAs. This study explores the effect of type I extended defects including voids and dislocation loops on the diffusion of Si implanted into GaAs. <100> Semi-insulating GaAs wafers were implanted with 1 × 1014/cm2 Si+ at implant temperatures between -51°C and 80°C and at energies ranging from 20 keV to 200 keV. SIMS results show that the diffusivity of Si decreases with both increasing implant temperature and increasing implant energy. At the same time extrinsic dislocation loop concentrations also increased. For the implant conditions studied, no voids were observed. The diffusion results can only be reconciled with the TEM results if the dislocation loops are behaving in a reactive rather than proactive manner. In other words, the changes in vacancy concentration that are affecting the diffusivity are also affecting the loop concentration. This model is supported by evidence that Si diffusivity is enhanced over the same time interval the dislocation loops are dissolving which is consistent with the loops having a reactive role. It remains unclear whether the existence of loops significantly affects the total concentration of vacancies and thus diffusion by acting as a competing sink.



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