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Defect Reduction in GaAs Epilayers on Si Substrates Using Strained Layer Superlattices

  • N. El-Masry (a1), N. Hamaguchi (a1), J.C.L. Tarn (a1), N. Karam, T.P. Humphreys (a1), D. Moore (a1), S.M. Bedair (a1), J. W. Lee (a2) and J. Salerno...


InxGa11-xAs-GaAsl-yPy strained layer superlattice buffer layers have been used to reduce threading dislocations in GaAs grown on Si substrates. However, for an initially high density of dislocations, the strained layer superlattice is not an effective filtering system. Consequently, the emergence of dislocations from the SLS propagate upwards into the GaAs epilayer. However, by employing thermal annealing or rapid thermal annealing, the number of dislocation impinging on the SLS can be significantly reduced. Indeed, this treatment greatly enhances the efficiency and usefulness of the SLS in reducing the number of threading dislocations.



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