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Defect Pair Formation by Implantation-Induced Stresses in High-Dose Oxygen Implanted Silicon-on-Insulator Material

  • J.D. Lee (a1), J.C. Park (a1), D. Venables (a1), S.J. Krause (a1) and P. Roitman (a2)...


Defect microstructure and the near-surface strain of high-dose oxygen implanted silicon-on-insulator material (SIMOX) were investigated as a function of dose, implant temperature, and annealing temperature by transmission electron microscopy and high resolution x-ray diffraction. Dislocation half loops (DHLs) begin to form by stress assisted climb at a critical stress level due to implantation-induced damage. DHLs evolve into through-thickness defect (TTD) pairs by expansion during annealing. Both DHL and TTD-pair density increase with higher implant dose and lower implant temperature. Possible methods for defect density reduction are suggested based on the results of this study.



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