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Defect Evolution from Low Energy, Amorphizing, Germanium Implants on Silicon

  • Andres F. Gutierrez (a1), Kevin S. Jones (a2) and Daniel F. Downey (a3)


Plan-view transmission electron microscopy (PTEM) was used to characterize defect evolution upon annealing of low-to-medium energy, 5-30 keV, germanium implants into silicon. The implant dose was 1 × 1015 ions/cm2, sufficient for surface amorphization. Annealing of the samples was done at 750 °C in nitrogen ambient by both rapid thermal annealing (RTA) and conventional furnace, and the time was varied from 10 seconds to 360 minutes. Results indicate that as the energy drops from 30 keV to 5 keV, an alternate path of excess interstitials evolution may exist. For higher implant energies, the interstitials evolve from clusters to {311}'s to loops as has been previously reported. However, as the energy drops to 5 keV, the interstitials evolve from clusters to small, unstable dislocation loops which dissolve and disappear within a narrow time window, with no {311}'s forming. These results imply there is an alternate evolutionary pathway for {311} dissolution during transient enhanced diffusion (TED) for these ultra-low energy implants.



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Defect Evolution from Low Energy, Amorphizing, Germanium Implants on Silicon

  • Andres F. Gutierrez (a1), Kevin S. Jones (a2) and Daniel F. Downey (a3)


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