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Defect based spin mediation in δ-phase plutonium

  • Michael J. Fluss (a1), Brian D. Wirth (a1), Mark Wall (a1), Thomas E. Felter (a1), Maria J. Caturla (a1), Alison Kubota (a1) and Tomas Diaz de la Rubia (a1)...


We earlier reported the measured decrease of electrical resistivity during isochronal-annealing of ion irradiation damage that was accumulated at low-temperature (10 or 20K), and the temperature dependence of the resistance of defect-populations produced by low-temperature damage-accumulation and annealing in a stabilized δ-phase plutonium alloy, Pu(3.3 at%Ga)[1]. We noted that the temperature dependence of the resistance of defects resulting from low-temperature damage accumulation and subsequent annealing exhibits a -ln(T) temperature dependence suggestive of a Kondo impurity. A discussion of a possible “structure-property” effect, as it might relate to the nature of the δ-phase of Pu, is presented.



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