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Deep Luminescence from ‘Relaxed’ Si1−xGex Epitaxial Layers

  • Gordon Davies (a1), Victor Higgs (a1), Richard Kubiak (a2), Adrian Powell (a2), Terry Whall (a2) and Evan Parker (a2)...


In MBE Si1−xGex which is grown to thicknesses greater than the critical thickness hc , the dislocation-related luminescence peaks Dl and D2 have energies which are independent of x up to x ≈ 0.3, and then decrease, as observed in LPE Si1−xGex. In MBE Si1−xGex layers grown to thicknesses less than hc , post-growth annealing produces dramatic changes in the luminescence, giving spectra as from relaxed alloy, even though the relaxation determined by X-rays is negligible. These results establish photoluminescence as a sensitive diagnostic tool for detecting dislocations in Si1−xGe*.



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