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The Crystalline and Dielectric Properties of 0.38(Bi1−xLax)ScO3-0.62PbTiO3 Ferroelectric Ceramics

  • Yi Chen (a1), Dejun Lan (a2), Qiang Chen (a3), Zhuo Xu (a4), Xi Yue (a5), Dingquan Xiao (a6) and Jianguo Zhu (a7)...


To investigate the effects of partially substitution of lanthanum for bismuth in the BiScO3-PbTiO3 (BSPT) ceramics, the 0.38(Bi1−xLax)ScO3-0.62PbTiO3 (BLSPTx) ceramics were prepared by using conventional solid state process. It was found that the partial replacement of lanthanum for bismuth do not affects the crystalline structure of the BSPT ceramics. With increasing of the lanthanum content, the grains of BLSPTx ceramics grown much bigger than those of BSPT ceramics when BLSPTx and BSPT ceramics were sintered at the same temperature. The temperature dependence of dielectric permittivity of BLSPTx ceramics shows that the Curie temperature (Tc ) shifts toward lower temperature with the increasing of lanthanum content, and the BLSPTx samples for x=0.02 show the highest value of the dielectric constant at T c.



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