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Crystal Plasticity Analysis of Thermal Deformation and Dislocation Accumulation in Gaas/Si Patterned Structure

  • Tetsuya Ohashi (a1) and Naoyuki Honda (a1)


Plastic slip deformation in patterned.GaAs films on Si substrate during cooling from film deposition temperature are numerically simulated under a continuum mechanics approximation. The plastic slip is assumed to take place on (111) <110> slip systems and activation condition of the slip systems is given by the Schmid's law. The critical resolved shear stresses for the activation of slip systems are expressed as a function of accumulated dislocation densities, which are evaluated by models for their movement and interaction. A three dimensional finite element computer program is developed, in which strain hardening behaviour is given a quantitative expression by the models for dislocations. Results of the simulation reveal process of plastic slip and dislocation accumulation in GaAs film. Residual stress evaluated by the simulation agreed well with results obtained by photo-luminescent experiments.



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