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Crystal Growth Modified by Pulsed Laser Irradiation on Growing Surface in Ba-Y-Cu-O Film Preparation by Laser Ablation

  • Akiharu Morimoto (a1), Shigeru Mizukami (a1), Tatsuo Shimizu (a1), Toshiharu Mlnamikawa (a1), Yasuto Yonezawa (a2), Kazuhito Segawa (a2) and Shigeru Otsubo (a3)...


Ba2YCu3Ox superconducting films were prepared by Nd:YAG laser ablation, equipped with a second (ArF excimer) laser for irradiation onto the growing film surface. The irradiation onto the film during the deposition were delayed for various delay times against the ablation of Ba2YCu3Ox target. The experiment showed that the second laser irradiation within several tens us around the ablation event induces a change of the crystal orientation. This result suggests that the crystal growth for the laser ablation is determined mainly around this time scale.



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