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Cross-Sectional Tem Sample Preparation Method Using Fib Etching for Thin-Film Transistor

  • K. Tsujimoto (a1), S. Tsuji (a2), H. Takatsuji (a2), K. Kuroda (a3), H. Saka (a3) and N. Miura (a1)...


A rapid and precise sample preparation method using focused ion beam (FIB) etching was developed for cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy (X-TEM) analysis of a thin-film transistor (TFT) fabricated on a glass substrate. Gallium (Ga) ions accelerated at 30 kV and at various incident beam angles were applied during FIB etching to create a uniform thin wall. We successfully prepared X-TEM specimens of long and fragile aluminum (Al) whiskers formed on thin Al films in TFT metallization, where a strong charge is built up during FIB etching. The effect of ion-beam-assisted tungsten deposition prior to FIB etching is discussed. A whisker having a length not exceeding approximately 10 #x00B5;m can be successfully etched to a thickness of 200 nm while keeping its original shape. The performance of this technique is demonstrated in applications to etching at other fragile locations related to TFTs.



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Cross-Sectional Tem Sample Preparation Method Using Fib Etching for Thin-Film Transistor

  • K. Tsujimoto (a1), S. Tsuji (a2), H. Takatsuji (a2), K. Kuroda (a3), H. Saka (a3) and N. Miura (a1)...


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