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Cross-sectional phase analysis of single crystalline silicon indented by Rockwell indenter

  • Sung-Soon Kim (a1), Han-Seog Oh (a1), Seong-Min Jeong (a1) and Hong-Lim Lee (a1)


This study of the indentation behavior of Si has revealed a complex process of mechanical deformation. As loading time increased, Si-XII and Si-III disappeared and only a-Si appeared in (111) samples. As loading time increased, crack was generated and residual stress was removed. At fast loading rate, the deformation behavior appears predominantly elastic. On the contrary, at slow loading rate, catastrophic plastic deformation occurred during loading stage.

We have observed crack behavior which occurred under spherical indentation in crystalline silicon. Method which was used in our research for cross-sectional observation exaggerated generation and propagation of cracks. Our method prepares to observe crack behavior. But it is not profit to observe to phase transformation



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