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Critical Currents of Overdoped Co-evaporated YBCO Coated Conductors

  • Jens Hänisch (a1), Jonathan Storer (a1), Chris Sheehan (a1), Yates Coulter (a1) and Vladimir Matias (a1)...


Coated conductor samples, prepared by reactive co-evaporation, are investigated with respect to the hole-doping dependence of the critical current density. The samples are annealed in an atmosphere of variable oxygen content after which critical currents, critical temperature and the c-axis lattice spacing are measured. The lattice spacing increases with decreasing oxygen content, consistent with literature data. These co-evaporated samples show hole overdoped behavior with respect to the maximum T c. The achievable range of hole doping in these samples seems to depend on surface coverage. Both self-field and in-field J c at 75.5 K have a maximum in the overdoped region but at less than maximum oxygen content. The reason for the overdoping of these samples is discussed briefly in terms of Y-Ba disorder.



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