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Critical Behavior in the Ultrasonic Properties of Suspensions

  • R. Esquivel-Sirvent (a1) (a2) and D. H. Green (a3)


Velocity and attenuation measurements of compressional waves at 3 and 5 MHz are presented for suspensions made of 1μm size particles of kaolinite or glass beads in water or light oil. At a critical concentration of 40%, the attenuation shows a sharp peak in attenuation as well as a sudden change in velocity. This behavior is observed in all suspensions and is independent of frequency or particle geometry. The observed behavior is consistent, with the excess attenuation induced by the fluid-shearing between particles. This behavior is the first experimental evidence for the existance of the freezing point, predicted by computer simulations.



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Critical Behavior in the Ultrasonic Properties of Suspensions

  • R. Esquivel-Sirvent (a1) (a2) and D. H. Green (a3)


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